Make policies informed by regulatory research

1.5 CE credits


David C. Benton, Chief Executive Officer, National Council of State Boards of Nursing


Dale J. Atkinson, ASWB Legal Counsel

Julie Maciura, Managing Partner, Steinecke Maciura LeBlanc


Barb Whitenect, REAL Committee


David Benton will challenge attendees to think “outside the box” when dealing with regulatory reform and envisioning the future of social work regulation. He will identify emerging trends in regulatory research across the health professions. The session will cover how to interpret research literature about professional self-regulation and occupational licensure and how to develop the critical-thinking skills needed to analyze evidence. Historically, governments have initiated change in response to high-profile regulatory failures. Today, regulators must lead and bring about change based on an evidence-based process that demonstrates accountability, efficiency, and effectiveness to fit a complex and dynamic digital era. This session will conclude with a panel discussion about the future of social work regulation.

Learning Objectives

After completing this session, participants should be able to:

  1. Identify trends in regulatory research.
  2. Explain key factors in analyzing research literature.
  3. Summarize evidence-based changes in regulation the participant can embrace that demonstrate accountability, efficiency, and effectiveness.


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