Table Talk: Riptides in regulation

1.5 CE credits


Doc Davis, REAL Committee


Regulators need to be nimble like surfers prepared for unexpected riptides. When regulators are flexible and well-prepared, they can be ready to manage when challenges arise unexpectedly. Participants will develop effective action plans for specific jurisdictions by networking with other regulators about topics they selected when registering. They will also have an opportunity to make recommendations to ASWB and identify ways ASWB can help.

Learning Objectives

After completing this session, participants should be able to:

  1. Identify the risks, threats, and opportunities associated with changing regulation or board processes.
  2. Make an action plan using informed collaboration.
  3. Make recommendations and/or provide ASWB feedback about support needed when making changes.


Topic #1: Board Consolidations and/or boards facing sunset elimination

Keep your board from riding off into the sunset and other hazards for regulatory boards in the political arena

Position paper on board structure; BOARD STRUCTURE. INFORMATION SHEET

Texas Sunset Advisory Commission

Sunset articles:

Sunset Legislation in the States: Balancing the Legislature and the Executive
Brian Baugus and Feler Bose

By Iris Hentze | Vol . 26, No. 25 / July 2018

Sunrises without Sunsets Can Sunset Laws Reduce Regulation?
Vern McKinley

CLEAR Sunrise, Sunset and Agency Audits

Topic #2: Pressure to eliminate barriers to licensure

Institute for Justice report; Occupational Licensing Reform 2015 (Members article)

Reforming Occupational Licensing Policies

The Occupational Licensing Defense Act

December ALEC summit:

21st Century Cures: Deregulation and reinvestment will modernize healthcare in the U.S.

Topic #3: Eliminating exemptions

U.S. social work regulations and licensure exemptions

Topic #4: Conforming to Model Practice Act license categories

ASWB Model Social Work Practice Act

License titles in the United States and Canada

Topic #5: Endorsements for applicants licensed in other jurisdictions

Mobility website

Association News: Endorsement Language is Key, August 2018

Association News: Streamlined Licensure, August 2018

Association News: Streamlined Licensure, October 2018

Mobility Readiness Evaluation

Mobility:  Licensure by Endorsement

Topic #6: Risks when going to legislature to update regulations

ASWB New Board Member Training Manual

Association News: Is the regulatory grass greener?