The wave of social issues impacting license/registration application review

1 CE credit


Doc Davis & Judy Haspel, REAL Committee


The breakout sessions offer attendees the opportunity to leverage the collective experience of other regulators to examine how current social issues affect regulatory processes and result in change. The regulators leading each discussion topic will share specific examples of how their jurisdictions responded to the issues and engage participants in exploring alternatives for action in their own jurisdictions.


  1. Criminal offenses that are no longer criminal
    Discussion leads: Joan Braun (BC) and James Chaney (WA)
  2. Previous felony conviction and incarceration
    Discussion leads: Judy Haspel (LA) and Doc Davis (AZ), with input from Stephan Viehweg (IN) and Jennifer Wenhold (FL)

Learning Objectives

After completing this session, participants should be able to:

  1. Identify a specific social issue that resulted in changes to regulation and/or a board process.
  2. Identify strategies that regulators can use to bring a public protection perspective to their responses to social change.
  3. Define the regulatory and procedural options available to boards faced with challenging social issues.


Download Joan Braun's presentation

Download James Chaney's presentation

Download Judy Haspel and Doc Davis' presentation


Indiana emergency rule disqualifying crimes

Questions and Answers about the EEOC enforcement guidance on the consideration of arrest and conviction records in employment decisions under Title VII.

Indiana Register Title 839 Behavioral health and human services licensing board.

Emergency Rule LSA Document #18-451 E  (see PDF Indiana Emergency Rule re disqualifying crimes)

Florida passed legislation back in 2009/2010 which prohibits licensure if the applicants has certain convictions – this is in law – s. 456.0635, Florida Statutes. Direct link to the Florida Statutes:

  • RCW 18.225
  • WAC 246.809
  • RCW 18.130
  • WAC 246.12
  • WAC 246.16

RCW: Revised Code Washington

WAC: Washington Administrative Code